Welcome to the clinic!

Your nurses are Leslie Timperman RN, BSN, NCSN and Nikki Thomas RN

Phone #’s         Parkwood-458-2560      Main 458-2549

About the clinic

 Medicines must be provided by the parents/guardians with proper paper work

Please communicate activity restrictions by providing a doctor’s note

Keep your child home 24 hours after a fever breaks or vomiting ceases

2 most important ways to prevent the spread of diseases

1. Hand washing-watch you children do this          

2. Vaccinations                       

When searching the internet

 For medical information, look to these sites:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention


National Institute Of Health


Ohio Department of Health


Green County Combined Health District


Don’t forget to wash your child’s book bag and coat over the holiday break.

 Please call us if we may be of help to you or your child.



Last Modified on January 8, 2014