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Quarter 2
 Week of 10/26
Monday - 4-4 Notes
               New mathxl algebra 4.4 due Wed @11:00 am
Tuesday - Hot Dog Stand Problem in-class
Wednesday - 4-5 notes
                     Hot Dog Stand Extension Questions
Thursday - Comp Lab for MathXl 4.5 due Monday @11:00 am
Friday - Write Equations from Hot Dog Tables - Only complete the 1 sheet assigned to your class period.  It is highlighted in yellow.
Week of 11/2
Monday - 4-6 Notes
               Performance Task 4.1 - Due Thursday
Tuesday - 4-7 Notes , and computer lab, New MathXl 4.6-4.7 Due Thursday @11:00 am
Wednesday - Ch 4 Review - due Thursday
                   Review Game Questions
Friday - Test over Chapter 4
Week of 11/9
Monday - 5-1 Notes
               Ch 4 Test Retake Review - You must complete this review correctly by Dec 16th in order to retake the test.  The test must be done by Dec 18th.  It can be                    done before school, after school or in study hall.  This is optional.  
               New MathXL Algebra 5.1 due Wednesday @11:00 am
Tuesday - 5-2 Notes
               New MathXL Algebra 5.2 due Thursday @11:00 am
Wednesday - 5-3 Notes
                     Partner Matching activity in class
Thursday - 5-4 Notes
Friday - Computer Lab, New MathXL 5.3-5.4 due Tuesday @11:00 am
Week of 11/16
Wednesday - Quiz over 5.1-5.4
                  5.1-5.4 Extra Practice Notes
Week of 11/22
Monday - Comp Lab for new mathXL 5.5
Tuesday - Quiz over 5.1-5.4

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