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Quarter 3
Week of 1/20
Tuesday - Different Forms of a Linear Equation WKST - due Wed for period 6
Wednesday - Learning how to use a graphing calculator, Period 7 - do Tuesday's wkst
Friday - marble party
Week of 1/26
Monday - No school
Wednesday  - Review over chapter 5
Thursday  - Test over Ch 5 - pd 6
Friday - Test over Ch 5 - pd 7
Week of  2/2
                  Systems by Graphing WKST
 Tuesday - New MathXL due 2/6
 Wednesday - Substitution Notes
Thursday - Try the parcc practice test - link below on my website
            Performance Task 5.2
Week of 2/9
               Systems All Methods WKST
Tuesday - Special Systems
Wednesday - Quiz over systems
                  Linear Inequalities WKST
Week of 2/23
               Performance Task 6.1 - due today
Tuesday - Systems of Equations WKST 2 - In class assignment, due by tomorrow
Wednesday -Systems of Inequalities WKST - In class assignment, due by tomorrow
Thursday -  Equations of Lines Review WKST - Take home test grade, due at the end of the period , 10% grade reduction for each day late
Friday - In class straw group assignment (no makeup needed)
Week of 3/2
Monday - Ch 6 Review sheet - due tomorrow
Tuesday - Special Systems - Face Art - due tomorrow
Wednesday - Review game over ch 6
Thursday - Review Chapter 6
Friday - Test Chapter 6
Week of 3/9
Monday -  Today we learned the properties of zero and negative exponents
                  7-1 Zero and Negative Exponent Notes
Tuesday - Got back or tests from Friday, Learned how to use the online textbook to access videos of the lessons (see info at bottom of page), learned section 7-2
                  7-2 Multiplying Power of the Same Base Notes
Wednesday - We went over rules for power to a power and dividing with exponents
                  7-3 More Multiplication Properties Notes
                  7-4 Division Properties with Exponents Notes
                  Simplifying Exponent WKST - Due tomorrow
Thursday - Went to comp lab to work on MathXL review 7.1-7.4 - due tomorrow at 1:00, there are 35 questions, any that you get correct beyond 20 are extra credit, you only get three tries for each question
Friday - We reviewed for the exponent quiz for the first half of class.  The second half of class we took a quiz over exponent rules.
Week of 3/16
Monday - We got back our quizzes over the exponent rules that we took on Friday.  Then we learned about how to change from exponential form to radical form and the other way around.
            Performance Task 7.1 - due Friday
Tuesday - We practiced a couple more problems from yesterday about rational exponents
                  We started to talk about exponential functions and their graphs.7-6 Exponential Functions Notes
                 We went to the computer lab to work on our MathXL assignment Algebra 7.5 that is due Thursday @ 1:00.
Wednesday - Finished Exponential Graphs notes, 3 practice graphs in class as an assignment
Thursday - Started a group paper about an allowance proposal, The allowance problem with extension questions
Week of 3/23
Monday - Talked about the formula for interest A=P(1+r/n)^(nt).  You need to know what each letter stands for and how to plug them in.  We then went to the computer lab to complete MathXL assignment 7.6-7.7 that is due Wednesday @1:00 pm.
Tuesday - I signed recommendation forms.  Then we worked on Chapter 7 Review that is due tomorrow.
Wednesday - Went over the answers to the review sheet to prepare for the test tomorrow
Thursday - Test over chapter 7
Friday - We went over 8-1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials, then we had an in class game of Clue
MathXL course codes
Period 6 -  XL03-51UB-7021-4043
Period 7 - XL02-W1JK-2021-2043
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