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 Quarter 4
Week of 4/6
               There is a new mathXL assignment 8.1-8.2 due on Wednesday
               Partner matching activity -  Matching Activity For Those Absent
               If you were absent, then you need to complete the final 6 questions at the end of the notes with work shown.
Thursday - We went to the computer lab to work on MathXL 8.3-8.4
Friday - Quiz over 8.1-8.4
Week of 4/13
Monday - We got back quizzes and went through 8-5 Factoring Guess and Check when a=1
Tuesday -We went through 8-6 Factoring when a is not 1.  Then we went to the comp lab to work on MathXL 8.5-8.6 due Thursday
Wednesday -We learned about 8-7 Factoring Special Cases , don't forget about MathXL, new homework - Factoring - Guess and Check vs GCF WKST
Friday -We talked about factoring by grouping.  We then worked together in groups to complete a factor by grouping scavenger hunt sheet.  We will finish on Monday.  Notes for 8-8 Factor By Grouping
Week of 4/20
Monday - We finished our scavenger hunt over factor by grouping.  Anyone absent needs to complete:  Factor By Grouping Scavenger Hunt 
Tuesday - Parcc tests period 6, Period 7 Factor Squares Puzzle
Wednesday - Parcc test period 7 (report @1:10), Period 6 complete Factor Squares Puzzle shown above
Thursday - Parcc test period 6, Period 7 - Chapter 8 Review
Friday - Parcc test period 7 (report @1:15) Period 6 - Chapter 8 Review (see above)
Week of 4/27
Monday - Review
Tuesday - Review Game Questions - These are the questions and answers to the review game we played in class.
Wednesday - Test over Chapter 8
Friday - 9-2 Quadratic Functions , If absent complete the following sheet.  You will need the use of a graphing calculator (lots of free apps for them online). Axis of Symmetry Discovery Sheet
Week of 5/4
Monday - 
Tuesday - 
Wednesday - 
Thursday -  Ch 8 Test Retake before school @7:00 am or after school @ 2:45 pm
Friday - 
MathXL course codes
Period 6 -  XL03-51UB-7021-4043
Period 7 - XL02-W1JK-2021-2043
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