Most homework will be located on MathXL.
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 Quarter 1
Week of August 25
Tuesday - No homework
Wednesday - No homework
Friday - New MathXL assignment Algebra 2.1-2.2- due Wednesday @11:00 am.
Week of August 31
Monday - Keep working on MathXL Algebra 2.1-2.2
                  2-1 Notes
                  2-2 Notes
Tuesday - MathXL due tomorrow at 11:00 am.
               2-3 Notes
               2-4 Notes
Wednesday - MathXL due Friday at 11:00 am.
                     2-4 Special Equations Notes
Thursday - MathXL due tomorrow at 11:00 am.
                  2-5 Notes
Friday - 2-5 Day 2 Notes
               WKST 2-5 Solving for a Variable - Did in class.  If absent, please complete.
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