• Welcome from the Beavercreek Schools Student Nutrition Department

    A Winner of the Ohio Department of Education Stellar Award for Best Nutrition Practices

    Eat to learnThe award-winning Beavercreek City Schools Student Nutrition Department proudly serves nearly 3,500 healthy, well-balanced lunches to students each day. 



    Lunch choices vary by day (see lunch menu icon at top of page), but always consist of an entrée, milk, fruit and/or a vegetable.  Our menu follows the guidelines of the Whole Grain Council, the USDA MyPlate.gov program, the American Dairy Association and Fruits & Veggies: More Matters.  A la carte options follow the recommendations of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
    At the elementary and middle school levels, students can purchase the daily hot special or opt for a boxed meal or salad lunch. A limited selection of whole grain/reduced fat cookies and snacks are available to purchase in addition to the meal.  All á la carte offerings follow the guidelines of The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  
    High school students have a wider variety of choices, with many meal offerings and á la carte options.  Menus are designed to balance good nutrition and student acceptability. 

    Meals served at all levels meet the age-appropriate USDA requirements for balanced nutrition.  These requirements limit the amount of sodium and saturated fat, and set calorie and nutrient levels.  All meals are analyzed for nutrient content to assure compliance with federal regulations.


    Lunches for 2016-17 cost $2.60 for elementary students and $2.90 for middle and high school students.  Milk can be purchased for $0.55.  At the middle schools and high school, á la carte and alternate lunch options are also available.


    Free and reduced-price lunches are available to children whose families meet established guidelines. Forms can be obtained by visiting your child’s school office, by visiting the Service Center at 1258 Hickory Drive, or by visiting the Forms section of the District Web site.  Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the school year.



    Parents are always welcome to have lunch with their children; however, we ask that visitors notify their child’s teacher early on the morning they intend to eat with their child to ensure that sufficient meals are available.

    How to Pay

    The easiest and preferred method of payment is to use the EZPay system to pre-pay for your child’s lunches (see the EZPay link in the "Departments" box at left).  With a child’s unique six-number student ID and a credit card, parents can deposit money into their child’s account at any time.  This amount will be credited to the child’s account.  Parents can also check their child’s account balance and meal purchase history online by visiting www.spsezpay.com/BCmeals after Monday, August 4.


    Students may also pay for their meals with cash at school, but checks are preferred.

    Good nutrition begins at home!
    Student Nutrition education The Student Nutrition Department believes that teaching students healthy eating habits is important if they are to make good food choices later in life.  An example of our educational efforts at the elementary level is the "Healthy Plate, Healthy Me" program at Shaw Elementary, which seeks to teach students about the importance of a balanced diet through kitchen tours and complementary activities.  Following the rollout of this program, students' fruit and vegetable consumption increased DRAMATICALLY (click on newsletter picture for details).
    "Healthy Plate, Healthy Me" is just one example of the award-winning nutrition education initiatives that Beavercreek Schools' Nutrition Department delivers to students.  Student Nutrition staff urge parents to teach their children early about good nutrition so they make healthy choices when they are away from home.