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    Changes to Online Payment System for School Lunches


    EZPay: An Easy Way to Pay for School Lunches 

    Note:  The link to access the EZPay system can be found at the bottom of this page. 

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    Beavercreek Schools has consolidated its online payment systems under EZPay, allowing families to pay for school, activity and meal fees via a single, secure vendor.  EZPay is the same service used by the district for parents to pay school fees, and is offered as a convenience to families, as well as an alternative to payment by cash or check.

    This conversion will result in a number of changes that affect students and families, one of which is a 2.49 percent “convenience fee” per transaction.  Because the Student Nutrition Department is self-sustaining, it cannot cover the cost of the fee for this convenience.  The 2.49 percent fee will become the responsibility of parents and guardians who use the online service, and this will be added to the charges for meals on users’ credit card statements.  Examples of the convenience fee breakdown follow:

    ·         $25.00 charge for meals using EZPay = $0.63 convenience fee

    ·         $50.00 charge for meals using EZPay = $1.26 convenience fee

    ·         $75.00 charge for meals using EZPay = $1.86 convenience fee

    ·         $100.00 charge for meals using EZPay = $2.49 convenience fee

    It is important to note that the convenience fee is paid directly to EZPay, and not the school district or Student Nutrition Department.

    Families who do not wish to incur the convenience fee may send checks or cash to school with their student.  Students will then be responsible for getting their check to the lunchroom cashiers.

    If your student has any funds remaining in a MyPaymentsPlus account, those funds will be transferred to EZPay, and will be available to your student this fall.

    Please note:  The convenience fee will not apply to payments made for school fees via EZPay.  

    For additional information about the new online payment system and how it will impact families, please read the following Question & Answer document:  Q and A for Parents
    EZPay Website Link
    To deposit funds in your child's EZPay account, click the following link after Monday, August 4: www.spsezpay.com/BCmeals