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    Our Quest Our Mission

    The goal of this program is to support classroom instruction with personalized learning tools that promote student engagement and growth.  These tablets will be used solely for school-related work, and students will be allowed to take their iPads home so they can complete their individualized assignments. 

    Procedures for non-working iPads

    There may be times when an iPad is not working properly and needs serviced.  Students should notify their teacher if an iPad is not functioning properly.  Teachers will provide assistance and try to resolve the issue.  If the teacher is unable to resolve the issue, tech support will be notified to provide further assistance.  Beavercreek City Schools plans to minimize instructional loss by issuing students a temporary iPad if his/her iPad requires repairs.

    Procedures for misplaced iPads

    Beavercreek City Schools recognizes that a misplaced iPad can disrupt the learning process for its students.  If a student has lost/misplaced his/her iPad, parents are asked to notify the child’s school of the missing device.  If an iPad is found on school premises, it will be turned into the school’s main office to be identified and returned to the student.   Students may be issued a temporary iPad while their school-issued device is located. Should a student leave his/her iPad on the bus, bus drivers will turn it in to the transportation department upon completing the route.  The transportation department will attempt to contact the parents and inform them of the found iPad.  The following school day, assigned staff members will return the iPad to the student’s school, and office staff will return the device to the student. 

    Your Responsibilities

    Access to these learning tools is a privilege and comes with responsibility, and Beavercreek City Schools believes the majority of its students will take care of their iPad device. Studies show that iPads improve student engagement and allow schools to better tailor instructional activities.  They also improve students’ technological literacy. You and your student are encouraged to think of the iPad the way you think of a textbook.  Just as students are responsible for returning their books in the condition initially received, the same expectations will apply to their iPad.  Two of the most common types of damage that occur to iPads are cracked screens and dented corners.   The protective case provided with the tablet will greatly reduce the number of these issues.  However, if a student does not take proper care of his or her iPad, damage may occur, and he or she—and the parents—might be responsible for the cost of the repair.

    When combined with classroom instruction, this tool will promote individual academic growth while preparing our students for the challenges of the 21st century.  We are excited to move forward with this project. 

    Learn more about Beavercreek Schools' first Straight A Grant and individualizing instruction for K-8 students through the use of technology by clicking here.


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