• An Evening With The Superintendent 
    Effective communication is critical in accomplishing anything worthwhile.  In addition to the community coffees which will be held during the mornings, I would like to invite members of our community to meet with me and members of our administrative team to discuss and address those issues that are of interest to you.  I fully realize that for some individuals, it can be difficult to find time during the day to break away from work to attend a community coffee at a local establishment in the morning.  I have always found it beneficial to find time in the evening to meet with members of our community so that we may learn from each other.  The more I can learn, the better I will be able to do my job.  In addition, the more I can communicate to our community, the better understanding they have of our district.  Below are two opportunities for our community to utilize to communicate directly with me and other district administrators:
    Community Conversations with Superintendent Otten –The Beavercreek City Schools belong to you, the residents and taxpayers of this community, and we want to hear your ideas, thoughts and opinions about your schools and how we should approach a changing landscape.  These conversations are about deepening the relationship and building a partnership with residents, finding common ground on our core values around education, defining the purpose of education, and confronting and solving difficult issues in education.  To do all that, we need to understand residents, build a better relationship between the school district and the community, and together define our values, purpose and goals. You are invited to join me for a conversation regarding our school district.  
    Home/Business Visit with Superintendent Otten – The purpose of this meeting is to allow an individual to reach out to us to establish a time that we could come into your home/business to meet with you and a group of friends, neighbors or colleagues to address specific items of concern or to provide greater information on a topic of importance to you and your group.  It is our hope that the host will invite friends or neighbors to share in the conversation and will provide some specific items that they would like to have discussed.  For example, if the group consists of parents of high school students, we will invite individuals from our high school administration to join us for the conversation.  If the topic focuses on curriculum at the elementary levels, we will invite leadership from our curriculum department to join the conversation. If you are interested is setting up a time to have us out, please feel free to contact my secretary, Mrs. Donna Magnotta, to establish a date and time for the visit. Mrs. Magnotta can be reached by phone at 937-458-2441 or by email at donna.magnotta@beavercreek.k12.oh.us.