• Board of Education:  Responsibilities


    As the governing body for the Beavercreek City School District, our mission is to advance public elementary and secondary education through the unique American tradition of local citizen responsibility.  Our authority, and that of all school boards throughout the state, is established in the Ohio Revised Code. 


    Members of the Board of Education advise, counsel and establish policy for the entire school system.  Beavercreek City School District Board members are specifically charged with:


    ·         Creating education and administrative policy for the District


    ·         Evaluating and monitoring the District’s effectiveness in educating its young people


    ·         Selecting and overseeing the superintendent and treasurer


    ·         Determining and approving the annual budget and appropriations


    ·         Providing financial oversight for the District’s affairs


    ·         Providing facilities needed for the education of students and the operation of the District


    ·         Providing the funds necessary to finance the operations of the District


    ·         Informing the public of the progress and needs of the District


    ·         Soliciting and weighing public opinion as it affects the District


    ·         Overseeing negotiations between the District and its employees, including teachers and other non-certificated staff; reviewing and approving or rejecting the contracts of all employees of District


    ·         Serving as advocate on behalf of the Beavercreek City School District with legislators and other government officials


    ·         Serving as liaison between citizens of the District and the State of Ohio Board of Education


    Members of the Board of Education are paid $125 per formal Board meeting, from which taxes and state retirement are deducted.