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Beavercreek City Schools Report Card Information
The Beavercreek City School District has performed well in the new state Report Card system despite a shift to more rigorous standards.  These standards measure academic achievement and proficiency, student progress from year to year, Graduation Rate, and Annual Measurable Objectives (which measure how well a district is narrowing gaps in reading, math, attendance and graduation rate among students according to socioeconomic, racial, ethnic or disability status).  Scores for a fifth measure, K-3 Literacy, are expected to be released in late 2014.  A sixth measure, known as Prepared for Success, will receive a letter grade in 2016.  This category gauges whether high school students are prepared for college and career upon graduation.
An explanation of each component of the new report card can be found here:
2013-14 District Report Card results 
For 2013-14 district report card results, click here or visit the Ohio Department of Education's Report Card Web site at
2013-14 Individual School Report Cards
To find individual schools' Report Cards, please follow this link:
Performance Over Time 
To get a clearer picture of how individual schools have performed over time, please consult the archive of individual school report cards on the Ohio Department of Education website 
Last Modified on February 2, 2016