• Coy Middle School Guidance Office

    Our guidance department works directly with students, staff and parents.  The primary goal of our department is to advocate for and support Coy's students.  We consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators and families to enable our students the opportunity to achieve success in school and become responsible and productive members of society. 
    School counseling programs work to address the personal, social, emotional, academic and career needs of all students by offering a means to evaluate student needs and positively impact student success by providing guidance and resources to the school community.
    Meet Our Counselors
    Elizabeth C. Siders
    Works with students with last names beginning with the letters L-Z, as well as SAT and ESL students
    Hi!  I am Beth Siders.  I have the wonderful opportunity to be one of the counselors at Coy Middle School.  I started my career in education after earning bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education from Wright State University.  I began my career as a special educator in the fall of 1999.  Soon after starting to teach, I decided to broaden my horizons and obtain my degree in school counseling.  I graduated with a master’s degree in School Counseling in December of 2001.  After graduating, I started my career as a school counselor. 
    On a more personal note, I grew up in Fairborn, Ohio.  I am one of triplets.  I have two sisters that are identical and I am fraternal.  I have a younger sister, too.  I have been blessed with wonderful parents and extended family.  I am a mom of two amazing daughters and three dogs.  We have a Maltese and a Golden Lab.  Our house is a bit crazy at times!  We now live in Beavercreek, and can often be found at all the “kid places” around town.  My family is very important to me and I am truly blessed to have them. 
    My job as a school counselor can be very rewarding and challenging at times.  I work with parents, staff and students to optimize student success.  My most important job is advocate for and support students.  I work to address students’ social, emotional and academic needs.  I also provide guidance and resources with the hope of having a positive impact on students’ success and maintaining a safe and productive learning environment at our school.
    My office is located in the main office complex.  I have an open door policy and students are welcome to come to my office at any time with a teacher’s permission.  Parents are invited and encouraged to contact me with questions or concerns.  I love my job and know how lucky I am to be in a profession where I can make a difference in the lives of young people and their families. 
    Lindsay Mann
    Works with students with last names beginning with the letters A-K, as well as Special Needs Students