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    Sponsor’s Name: Allison Wolf

    When and where it Meets:  In room 2508 --After school 2 times a week from middle to end of October through February

    Grade Levels included: 6-8

    What does the club do?: From MathCounts.org

    Students enrolled in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade are eligible to participate in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. Students taking middle school mathematics classes who are not full‑time sixth, seventh or eighth graders are not eligible. Participation in MATHCOUNTS competitions is limited to three years for each student though there is no limit to the number of years a student may participate in the school‑based coaching phase.

    Schools can register up to 10 students who will represent the school at the chapter competition. An unlimited number of students can participate in the school-level competitions, which take place in December or January, and are run by the Competition Coaches. All types of schools - public, private, charter, virtual and homeschools - are eligible to register for the Competition Series. Tutoring/enrichment centers that do not function as students' official school of record are not eligible to register for the Competition Series.


    Are there any costs involved?: None to participate but we do purchase a t-shirt!