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    Welcome to our Summer Reading page!

       As Coy Middle School gets ready for a new school year (yes, we're already thinking about next year!), we would like to help you get ready, too. Research study after research study has shown that "taking the summer off" (not spending any time reading) has some very negative consequences: students can actually "slide" backwards in their skills. Each summer the problem is compounded, with the potential result of losing the equivalent of several years' worth of growth by graduation time. Don't let this happen to you!
        Never fear; your teachers are here to help! We've chosen a book (or two) to help you fight the dreaded Summer Slide. Every student in Beavercreek, from grades three through twelve, has an assigned summer reading book. To see what your assigned book is, click on the link to the left that matches the grade you will be entering this fall. If your teachers have handouts, assignments, or other information, it will be on that page as well. 

       We recommend that you read your book in the latter part of the summer, perhaps July or even August, so that it is fresh in your mind when school starts. Your teachers next year will have a variety of activities planned so that you can show what you know about the book, and yes, some of these activities will be graded. Be ready to go on the first day of school!

    Now, to read the book you have to have a copy of the book. Where can you get a copy of your assigned book? You could check any of the following places:
    *Local libraries
    *Barnes and Noble or Books & Co.
    *Bargain stores like Half-Price Books, Second and Charles, and Books-A-Million
    *Online at places like Amazon.com 

       We definitely expect you to read your assigned book during this summer, but we won't complain if you choose to read more than that. In fact, we challenge you to read more this summer than you've ever read before! Want to accept that challenge? Post in our Summer Reading Challenge blog and tell the whole world how many books you are going to read this summer!

       Enjoy your book, enjoy your summer, and happy reading!