• Algebra I Summer Work Project

    The middle school teachers have created an Algebra I Summer Work Project that will provide students the necessary foundation to be successful next year when entering Algebra I or Honors Algebra I.  It is recommended that students complete the assignments in the latter part of the summer, perhaps July or even the beginning of August, so that the material is fresh in their mind when school begins.  It is important to complete the required work because the Algebra I teachers will continue building on this foundation once the school year begins.

    In order to support students as they work through the summer work project, a class has been created in eBackpack that provides access to videos and materials to support students throughout the independent summer project.  Students who take their iPad home during the summer can access eBackpack using the app on the iPad.  Students who do not take their iPad home over the summer will be able to login at https://beavercreek.ebackpack.com/ to access the course materials.

    *Whether logging into the app or logging in online, students should use their assigned school username and password.

    We hope you enjoy your Algebra I Summer Work Project and look forward to a great school year!   Please bring your completed project with you on the first day of school.

     For assistance, please contact:

     Jacob Coy Middle School:  Allison.Wolf@beavercreek.k12.oh.us

    Ankeney Middle School:    Krista.Lovewell@beavercreek.k12.oh.us