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Student Registration

Welcome to Beavercreek City Schools!
Student registration is handled by appointment through Beavercreek Schools' Central Office at 3040 Kemp Road.  Please review the information below to determine what is necessary to register a child.

If you wish to register a kindergarten or preschool student, there is additional information at the bottom of the page specific to these students.

FOR GRADES  "2nd  - 12th"

Please reference the "Registration Packet" link below
to access important information and documents regarding the student registration process.  Print and complete the packet.
Items required to register your child:

·       Completed Registration Packet (access link below)

·       Original Birth Certificate or Passport

·       Immunization Records

·       Acceptable Proof of Residence (current electric, gas, or water bill; a signed Lease Agreement or a signed Purchasing Agreement)

      ·       Custody Documents (if applicable)

Click the following link for the "Registration Packet"  - NOT to be used for Kindergarten students.  Please see below.
To schedule an appointment for registration, please click on the link below.  Once you open the link, you MUST create an account.  This will allow you to change information or cancel your appointment if necessary.  Also, remember to click on SAVE at the bottom of the page to receive your confirmation page.  If you do not receive the confirmation page, you have not completed the process and your appointment will not be scheduled.
 Click to access the "Appointment Calendar".  Please Note: A plus sign ( + ) indicates an available appointment time.

Kindergarten and Newly Enrolling First Grade Student Information for 2017- 2018

Please note: First Grade Registration is ONLY necessary for students who will be enrolling in the Beavercreek City School District for the first time (e.g., students who are transferring from private schools, who have been home schooled, are new to the district, etc.
If you have questions regarding Kindergarten or first grade registration, please  contact the Board of Education Office at 937.426.1522.
Kindergarten Parents - Please DO NOT use the "Registration Packet" link listed above. More information is needed for new kindergarten students, which is NOT included in this packet. You may obtain the kindergarten packet from your child's school or the Board of Education. Bring the completed packet with you to your appointment along with the required items mentioned below.
First Grade Parents - Please click on the "Registration Packet" link above, and bring the completed packet with you to your appointment along with the required items mentioned below. 
Required items to register your child for Kindergarten and First Grade are:
  • Completed Registration Packet
  • Original Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Immunization Records
  • Acceptable Proof of Residence (current DP&L, Gas, or Water Bill, signed Lease Agreement or signed Purchase Contract)
  • Custody Documents (if applicable)

Eligibility and Assessment


A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten if s/he attains the age of five (5) on or before September 30th of the year in which s/he applies for entrance. The Board may admit a younger child to kindergarten if the child satisfies the Board's early entrance criteria. Kindergarten students will then complete a Kindergarten Assessment, which will be scheduled after the child has been registered.

The Board will admit to kindergarten any child who has not attained the entrance age requirement of this District, but who was properly enrolled in a public or chartered nonpublic school kindergarten before transferring to the District.

Kindergarten Early Entrance Contact: If interested in Early Entrance, please contact Emily Duty @ 937.458.2418 prior to registration.
First Grade

A child is eligible for entrance into first grade if s/he attains the age of six (6) on or before September 30th of the year in which s/he applies for entrance and has completed the kindergarten program of this District or an equivalent program elsewhere and has been recommended by the teacher for advancement to the first grade. The Board may admit to first grade a younger child who has successfully completed kindergarten if the child satisfies the Board's early entrance criteria.

Preschool Registration

Beavercreek School's preschool program is currently housed at the Beavercreek Preschool Center located at 3038 Kemp Road. To obtain more information about this program, please click the following link:  Beavercreek Preschool Center

If you have additional questions, please contact Susan Groves in the Central Registration Office at 937.458.2400, Option "0".


Last Modified on May 4, 2017