• Lunch Procedures and PIN

    All students who attend Fairbrook are given a 40 minute lunch/recess period. They may buy lunch from the cafeteria or they may bring a lunch from home. Milk is served with all lunches and may be purchased separately for those who carry a lunch. Students are not permitted to skip lunch, and parents are urged to make sure their child has lunch money or a sack lunch each day. While all students are required to have a lunch, we do not force students to eat a certain amount of food. Students are much more likely to eat if they like the food available. A magnetic 4 week cycle menu will be available to each Fairbrook family. Please review the day's selection with your child. In addition, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, chef salad, and boxed lunches are generally available.

    Each child will have a meal account which is accessed with a personal identification number (PIN). Students may still use cash on a daily basis, however, we encourage parents to deposit money their students meal account. each account is divided into sub accounts. A Meal Account (reserved for meals only), and a General Account (can be used for meals and/or snack items). When a student brings lunch from home, but purchases milk to drink, the cost of the milk is deducted from the General Account. When sending money by check or cash, please use the envelopes provided by the school and be sure to include the student's PIN, and indicate how the money should be divided between the two sub accounts. If you do not indicate the sub account, all of the money will be deposited into the General Account.

    Student meal accounts can be accessed and managed online by visiting EZPay for Meals. You will need your child's student ID number to access the information. Our school office and food service department is happy to provide you with this information. The PIN number allows the student to access their lunch account. If you have further questions, please contact the Student Nutrition Department at 429-2446.

    Parents are advised that we do have a free/reduced price lunch program for those who need financial assistance. Applications are distributed to all students. If a student does not receive one and believes that s/he is eligible, contact the school at 429-7616.