• Rebecca Ross Speech Language Pathologist 

    I am employed with Greene ESC and contracted to provide speech and language therapy services to students in Beavercreek Preschool Center.


    BA Liberal Arts and Sciences-- Penn State University
    MS Speech Pathology-- State University Of New York @ Geneseo University
    Certificate Of Clinical Competence- American Speech and Hearing Association
    Ohio Department of Education Certification
    Ohio Board of Speech Pathology and Audiology Licensure

     Speech Therapy- defined

    School-based Speech Language Therapy is a service provided to help children prepare, perform and achieve academic success and social participation in the school setting.

    Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are part of the educational team within a school district. SLP's provide service as a collaborative member of the Individualized Education Program (IEP), and Response To Intervention model (RTI) to students and on behalf of students through individual, group, whole classroom interventions and/or school wide initiatives.
    Speech Language therapy is a supportive service directly related to the child’s ability to function within the educational setting.  SLP observations, screenings, evaluations and treatment require a written consent from the student’s parent/primary caregiver.


    SLP's are highly trained to assist students to access curricular and extracurricular activities through the teaching and implementation of strategies.  SLP's also play a key role in educating and training parents, teachers and caregivers to ensure overall success in the school setting.





    Speech Language Therapy focuses on receptive language, expressive language, and pragmatic language.
    •                Receptive language is  the ability to understand the things we see, hear, and read. 


    •                     Expressive language is the ability to express yourself with spoken and written words, sign language/gestures, and pictures.  Expressive language includes the articulation (the way we say sounds) and phonology (the rules of how we combine sounds), voice (the quality, volume and tone of the voice), and fluency/stuttering (the 'smooth' flow and rate of connected speech).


    •                    Pragmatic language focuses on the rules of social interactions – the expected ways to interact with others.


    •          SLP's work as a part of the collaborative team to assess and treat feeding and swallowing disorders.


    •        SLP's work with audiologists to train, teach, and address hearing disorders.  


    Contact Information
    Beavercreek Preschool Center 458-2360







    I will lead a language/speech activity in the preschool classrooms. I will send a note home ( via email) describing the activity for that week along with tips for communication enrichment at home.  In addition, I will work on your child's communication goals in the classroom setting during their functional preschool activities.  ( snack, free play, playground etc..)  
    Monday- Ms. Woodrard's AM/PM class
    Tuesday- Ms. Mosser's AM/PM class
    Wednesday- Mrs. Zimmerman's AM/PM class
    Thursday-Mrs. JAck's AM/PM class
    Friday- Preschool Assessment Team