Valley Elementary

Inspiring Today, Preparing For Tomorrow

Possible Sites

Exploring the Environment (Wheeling Jesuit University)


Diversity Calendar (University of Kansas)

Calendar Page

Hought Mifflin Reading: Authors and Illustrators

Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (US Gov't)

Primary Source Learning (LOC Partnership)

How to Link in American Memory (LOC)

National Portrait Gallery

History Wired (Smithsonian)

For photo searches:

LOC (Prints & Photographs Online Catalog - PPOC)

Portrait Gallery (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Perry-Casteñeda Map Collection (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

National Archives (ARC Basic Search)

National Archives - Indians/Native Americans

National Archives Online Exhibits

LOC Index (Site Map)

American Memory (LOC)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Gateway to Digital Media

U.S. History Images - The History Project (UC Davis)

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library (Yale)

NYPL Digital Library (New York Public Library)

NYPL Picture Collection Online

Free Downloadable Ohio Images (DiscoverOhio)

Clipart ETC (Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse)

Maps ETC

NBII Digital Image Library (National Biological Information Infrastructure)

DPL Western History Photos Search Page (Denver Public Library)

Pictures of American Indians (National Archives)

Historical Picture Collections (a collection of collection links - San Diego State)



Fashion Plate Collection (University of Washington)

Portraiture in the US Capitol

Geograph British Isles

Pennsylvania Game Commission Public Photo Gallery (mammals & birds)

NOAA Photo Library

USDA Historical Photos

UCAR Digital Image Library

Earth Observatory (NASA)

Visible Earth (NASA)

Blue Marble Next Generation (NASA)

U.S. Gov't. Photos and Multimedia portal

USDA Image Gallery (plants, animals, insects, fruits & veggies...)

NRCS Photo Gallery (Natural Resources Conservation Service - USDA)

Plants Database (USDA)

Life Photo Archive (Google)


Natural History Notebooks (animals)

Way Back - Technology in 1900

Way Back - Flight

Timeline of Technology

The History of Invention

National Geographic GeoBee Challenge

Global Kids Connections

FEMA for Kids

Charles Lindbergh, An American Aviator

Flying Machines

Inventing Flight for Schools

Habitats (primary level)

Children's Butterfly Site (National Biological Information Infrastructure and Montana State University)

U.S. Dept. of Interior Kid's Site

EEK! Nature Notes (Wisconsin DNR)

San Francisco Earthquake (USGS)

Amazing Space

The Nine Planets

The Nine Planets for Kids


American Field Guide (PBS)

American Museum of Natural History Presents Ology (Archaeology, Astronomy, Biodiversity, Earth, Genetics, Marine Biology, Paleontology)

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Types of Land (Harcourt Brace)

Ohio Rocks! (WCET)

Earthguide (USCD & Scripps Institute of Oceanography)

Historic American Buildings (LOC)

Lists of Online Historic Exhibits (University of San Diego)

The Artchive

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian(Northwestern University)

Lews & Clark Interactive Journey Log (National Geographic)

History on the Web (University of Washington Libraries)

Digital History (University of Houston, et al)

Nebraska Studies (Nebraska Dept. of Ed., etc)

For culling purposes:
Multnomah County Library Homework Center

Possible Science Sites

Resources for the Elementary Classroom

ThinkTV Butterfly Links

BugInfo (Smithsonian)

For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise (NASA)

Science Projects

Forces of Change (Smithsonian)

Playing with Time - go to "to see and do" and click Gallery

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears - check stories for students

Kids' Crossing: Look Out for Dangerous Weather! (NCAR)

Kids' Crossing: Stuff in the Sky (NCAR)

Learn English (British Council)

42Explore (Annette Lamb)

Kid Info Guides (Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library)

eMints Themes (University of Missouri)

Free Federal Resources

Everyday Mysteries (LOC)

NOVA Archive (PBS)

Cyberbee Links

ALA Great Sites for Kids

AIM (Animation, Interaction, Multimedia)

National Science Digital Library

Digital Library for Earth Science Education

Teaching Resources for Natural Disasters


For Google and Google Earth

Google Guide (not from Google--is book author)

Google Earth KML 2.0 Tutorial (Google Earth)

How to GPS Tag Photos (Makezine)

Absolutely Google Earth (Juice Analytics)

Picasa and Google Earth (Ogle Earth Blog)

Introduction: What Is Google Earth? (Carleton College)

Sketchup and Google Earth (Digital Urban - City of London College)

Using Google in the K-12 Classroom (just getting started - ruler directions)

Google Earth: Introducing Geography to Grade 6 Students

Google Maps Mania

Google Earth Community: Creating Presentations

Google Earth Library

Spy Letters of the American Revolution (University of Michigan)

Biographies (Harcourt)

American National Biography Online (Oxford University Press)

Biographical Directory of the US Congress: 1774-Present (US Congress)

Kids in the House (Office of the Clerk of the US Congress)

Inaugural Words (NY Times)

HRW World Atlas (Holt) (U.S. Dept. of the Interior)

Grammar Central (Center for Education & Training)




U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Australian Botanic Gardens

Partners in Rhyme



The Branding of America (LOC)

Today in History (LOC)

The Learning Page (LOC)

Presentation Resources (Florida ETC)

Interactives (Annenberg)

Math Magician Games (Oswego Public Schools)

Math Worksheet Generator

For TCK Kids Class

TCK Kids

TCK Teachers

BLM Learning Landscapes (Bureau of Land Management)

Plimoth Plantation

Web Authoring


Money Sites

The Mint (National Council on Economic Education)

American Currency Exhibit(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

The Life of a Check (Federal Reserve)

The Face of U.S. Currency(Minneapolis Federal Reserve)

Money Facts (Bureau of Printing and Engraving)

What is a Dollar Worth?(Minneapolis Federal Reserve)

Great Economists and Their Times (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)