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Taking Flight for the Future

Public school students in Greene County will soon experience new career training opportunities through STEM education. Thanks to a $984,000 grant secured by Beavercreek City Schools Flight Simulator from the Ohio Department of Education, all of the county’s seven school districts, in addition to the Greene County Career Center, learned how to create experiences centered on the aeronautics and aviation industry.

An intensive three-day program called Air Camp brought together leaders of industry, government, and education into aviation environments. By participating in flight simulation, Flight Planning flight planning, mechanical logistics, wind tunnel testing, and a plethora of related exercises, attendees gained real-world training that would translate into a relevant curriculum for students.     

In addition to professional development and training, which will continue through June for 120 teachers, grant funds will be used for instructional materials, curriculum creation, technology needs, and access to shared resources. “By collaborating across Greene County, these funds are able to have a greater student impact,” said Dr. Beth Sizemore, one of
the grant’s architects. “Through this initiative, students across the region will be exposed to Tour of National Air Force Museum important aviation and STEM career fields that are available locally and across the nation.”

Funds from the original grant secured by Beavercreek City Schools was intended for renovations on and a curriculum centered around a donated Boeing 727 cargo jet. After further research, administrators determined the original plan was not feasible. A modification to the grant allowed for all public school districts in Greene County to utilize these funds. 


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