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Ankeney Shine Award Winner

Caring - Isaiah is a great reflection of a caring person. He shows this pillar each day in class in many ways. Each day Isaiah comes in with a smile and greets his teachers and peers. What sticks out most is Isaiah’s caring instinct for his peers. He is kind to his peers and will always go out of his way to help them whether it be in class on schoolwork or in the halls if someone struggling carrying their things.


Respect - Isaiah shows respect to his peers and adults at Ankeney. He always treats others as he would like to be treated. Isaiah works hard to do his best every day. He makes a difference in this pillar by leading by example. He is always one of the first students to get on task and he gently helps those around him get on task as well in a respectful, helpful way. Isaiah is polite, pleasant, and helpful to all. 


shine winner