sTAFF Spotlight

Jason Enneking
🌟 Staff Spotlight: Jason Enneking 🌟With 20 years of dedicated service to the district and a proud 1998 BHS alumnus, Jason Enneking embodies the spirit of Beavercreek Schools.
Katey Ford
Let's shine a spotlight on Katey Ford, one of the invaluable members of our transportation department! 🚌 With eight years of dedicated service to the district, Katey wears multiple hats as a bus driver and on-board instructor.
Jami Russ
This week, we are shining a spotlight on Jami Russ, a 10th-grade English teacher at BHS. Jami's contributions to the district since the fall of 2002 have been significant, making her a valued member of our community.
Marlyn Strickland
Meet Marlyn! Marlyn is our dedicated HR and Payroll Coordinator, bringing ten years of invaluable experience to our district. He is also Rooted in Our Community as a 2009 BHS graduating class member.
Ashley Garcher
Ashley has been a dedicated math teacher in our district for an impressive 16 years, bringing her passion and expertise to the classroom every day. She credits Jackie Southard as the most influential person in her career, shaping her journey as an educator.
staff spotlight Melissa Morgan
Let's take a moment to spotlight another remarkable staff member as we wrap up this school year! πŸŽ‰ Meet Melissa Morgan, our dedicated Special Needs Assistant at Valley Elementary.