Student Data Privacy

Digital technologies--both hardware and software--play a pivotal role in supporting student acquisition of knowledge and skills as well as removing socio-economic barriers to accessing and interacting with information. Physical textbooks, workbooks, and paper/pencil assessments have been supplanted by personal devices and online resources as the primary means to interact with academic content and assess student learning. Beavercreek City Schools (BCS) promotes a culture that works to provide the appropriate levels of access to digital resources,  support the growth of responsible student behavior, and safeguard student data and privacy.    

Every student at BCS is provided with a personal device and grade-level appropriate online resources to support their learning. Students in grades KG-1 utilize iPads to support learning while students in grades 2-12 have Chromebooks. Online resources are curated through various tools including the Google for Education suite of apps, Clever, and other online platforms. 

Supporting the growth of responsible student behavior begins with the BCS Acceptable Use of Technology policy (7540.03). This policy outlines the expectations for students when using district devices, networks, and as well as expected behaviors when communicating and researching online. Additional guidance is provided in the BCS Acceptable Use of Technology administrative guidelines (AG 7540.03)

Student data includes the information BCS shares with specific vendors in order to secure access to district-approved online resources. BCS believes it is paramount to safeguard student data in-rest and in-transit.  In addition to complying with the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the district has enacted procedures to safeguard student data when  adopting new resources. These guidelines ensure all resources meet district and State of Ohio student data privacy standards, align with board adopted curricular standards, and use instructional best practices.

More information about data privacy and digital safety can be found by visiting the BCS Digital Safety webpage.