Fall Shine Awards

On January 9, 2024, BCS held its Fall Shine Award Ceremony!  This special event allows the district to recognize our fall Shine Award recipients for their attitude, personal character, and positive regard for others. These students go above and beyond what is expected of them every day. Congratulations to all 33 students, three from each of our buildings, on winning this award. πŸ§‘πŸ†πŸ–€ 

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Preschool: Annie Stewart,  Lilian Aboughanem,  Ovie Scott-Emuakpor

Fairbrook Elementary: Emma Chrisman- 4th grade, Brayden Warner- 1st grade, Anna Conley- Kindergarten

Main Elementary: Melody Williams- 2nd grade, Rowan Gaston-1st grade, Audrey Williams-Kindergarten

Parkwood Elementary: Kenzie Jackson- 5th grade, Drew Cormier- 4th grade, Reed Zimmer- 3rd grade

Shaw Elementary: Jesse Hahn- Kindergarten, Lena Le- 1st grade, Rudie Finn- 2nd grade

Trebein Elementary: Lincoln Vaillant- 5th grade, Mila Palichat- 4th grade, Ezekiel Vanbuskirk - 3rd grade

Valley Elementary: Emily Artz-5th grade, Liam Tompkins- 4th grade, Lennon Hurr- 3rd grade

Ankeney Middle School: Samantha Phan-6th grade, Rylynn Anspach- 8th grade, Madison Erb- 7th grade

Coy Middle School: Tova Muntzinger- 8th grade, Sophia Sheldon- 7th grade, Jia Bradshaw- 6th grade

Ferguson Hall: Autumn Muran- 9th grade, McKenna Howe- 9th grade, Kenlee Behnken- 9th grade

Beavercreek High School: Esai Caraballo-Garcia- 12th grade, Katherine Macbeth- 12th grade, Viera Barrett- 11th grade